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M41B Swedish Sniper Rifle

M41B, non import marked, Carl Gustaf, dated 1919, 100% bluing, bolt, bolt-parts, buttplate, scope, scope mount, and scope case matching receiver. Nazi 1942-dated Ajack 4x90 with really clear optics.  Perfect 0 bore marked on disk. Beech Stock. From Dennis Kroh's Empire Arms.

M96 Swedish Mauser dated 1898

 M96B, The one that started it all. Wife picked it out for me at her first gun show. Because it was a "pretty gun". Gustaf 1898 dated with near 100% blue, Stock wood? Orangish base color. Stock number matching to receiver, 1 bore, $110 with new condition bayonet.

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Pictures below of M41B Pictures below of M96
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